Torchbearer for the 2011 N.C.State Senior Games
"Celebration of the Games"

DURHAM - Dr. Louise Gooche, of the Durham Senior Games, has been chosen to be the
Torchbearer for the 27th Anniversary North Carolina Senior Games State Finals
"Celebration of the Games."

Dr. Gooche has been energetically dedicated, committed, and involved in Senior Games since
2000, when she began working as a volunteer in Durham.  Always positive and with a truly
"uplifting" personality,
Louise founded the Durham Senior Divas 'n Dude Cheerleaders
seven years ago
and has worked to invigorate the lives of persons 55 and better in a
multitude of ways.   As a
North Carolina Senior Games Ambassador, she has helped to
develop senior cheerleading squads across the state.  Because wellness "is important all the
time," she works year-round to promote "healthy aging."  In fact, according to Dr. Gooche,
"Senior Games in Durham and in North Carolina have become a way of life for me!"

Louise Gooche is a dedicated supporter of N.C. Senior Games and is a "contributor" in every
sense of the word!  In addition to her role as an Ambassador
, Dr. Gooche is a member of the
Torch Club, a special group of financial contributors to N.C. Senior Games; she also serves on
Executive Committee of the NCSG Board of Directors.  Whether it's in Durham or in
any of the 100 counties across North Carolina, Louise believes that
"You don't stop playing
because you grow old – you grow old when you stop playing!"
 If that wise saying is true,
then Louise will NEVER grow old......

We invite you to join Louise Gooche and 3,002 athletes and artists at the 27th Annual North
Carolina Senior Games State Finals.  The Celebration of the Games will take place on
Thursday, September 29, at 6:30 p.m. in Cary at WakeMed Soccer Stadium.  Keep the
flame of good health burning!  Call (919) 851-5456 to find out how you can be a part of the
2011 Senior Games State Finals as a volunteer, sponsor, individual contributor or spectator!

(This article was released on August 11, 2011, by Cynthia D. Booth, Public Affairs Specialist,
Durham Department of Parks and Recreation.)
Diva Louise Gooche about to light the
N. C. State Senior Games Cauldron at
the 2011 Opening Ceremony.